Today, Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Gain Your Customer's Trust by Following These Steps...

Owning a business is something that almost everyone dreams about at one time or another. With the internet such a large part of our everyday lives, many are choosing to have an online business to supplement their other income or sometimes as a main source of income. As exciting as owning your own business sounds, to be successful at business, you have to have customers. The hardest part of getting new customers is making you more attractive than other similar businesses online and to do that, you need to be credible to your customers.

They don't know you from Adam so you need to build up credibility and trust in your customers. There are certain things that attract online buyers more than others, some of the most important things being:

  • Your website should be easy to navigate.
  • Your site should be update frequently so they know you're actively in business.
  • Your site should have seals of approval from other organizations or groups.
  • Your site should have an "About Us" or "Company Info" section so they can learn about you and what you represent.
  • Provide customer service with contact information so they know you really do exist.

A very important key to being credible to your customers in your online business is to make your customers feel secure. If you accept credit cards, which most online businesses do, they need to know your site is secure and safe. You need to let them know what your site's policies are all about as well as what you policies are regarding personal information. This is probably the most important thing to online buyers. If you have any fees, don't let them be hidden fees.

It's hard enough for some people to buy from someone they don't know without being on a website that tells them next to nothing about the people they're doing business with. You need to be a real person to them-someone they feel they can trust. Give your business a name that sounds like a business and not just another screen name.  Customers also want a business that's reachable to them if they need more information on your product. The most credibility will come if you can give them a phone number to reach you. If this is not possible, provide them with an email address where they can reach you if they have any questions. Another option is getting an voice mail number they can use. Anytime someone leaves you a voice mail, you'll get an email notification.

Make sure your product is genuine and something that will sell to the public. If you offer products that aren't any good, you'll get some online reviews that aren't favorable, which others will read and will do nothing for your online credibility.  A FAQ section is something many buyers find helpful. It lets them know you care and are available to answer their questions.

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