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How to Prevent XXS Attacks on Your Site

XXS attacks are one of the latest ways that hackers are using to hack into your site and cause all sorts of problems for your business. There are a lot of things that an XXS attack can do to destroy a website. Some of the things are small and are merely a headache for a website owner, while others are much more destructive.

First, it is important to know what XXS stands for. XXS stands for cross-site scripting. In order for a hacker to initiate a XXS attack, a site must allow code injection. If your site is not protected from this security flaw, you can easily become victim of an XXS attack.

If you’re going to prevent an XXS attack, you must first know what goes into such an attack. The good news is, once you’re empowered with this knowledge, you will be able to protect against these methods that attackers use in order to attack your site in this way.

Malicious Hyperlink Inserts
First, a user is going to go onto your site and insert a hyperlink. The hyperlink is going to contain malicious data that will hurt your website. Then, the attacker is going to wait for someone to open the hyperlink. People click on such links all of the time in order to find more information about a topic, so in most cases, an attacker is not going to have to wait very long for this to happen.

Once the attacker has gotten someone to click on the hyperlink, the damage has been done. That is when the cross-site scripting begins.

The attacker will then be able to post a link to his website on the user’s website. This is done in a deceptive manner. Instead of posting it in a way that looks like the attacker’s website, he will post it as a legitimate, well known site. Then the attacker will be able to gain all of the information that is inputted once the site is clicked on.

This can be very dangerous. It can lead to the attacker getting financial information and other personal information that consumers do not want to share with the public.

Cookie Theft
Another thing that attackers can do with an XXS attack is gather cookie data. While this may not seem too frightening, you need to consider what can be found in cookie data.

Some cookies contain personal information about the user. That means that if an attacker can gather cookies, he will then be able to have personal information.

There are ways to protect against this kind of attack. It is very important to protect your site on all levels.

Secure the cookies on your site by only allowing the information to be viewed by the IP address that the cookies were initially sent to. That can go a long way to protecting information.

Do Not Allow Users to Add to Your Site
The main way to prevent this involves making it a policy in your forums to not allow people to leave hyperlinks in their posts.

Create a website where your users do not have to use JavaScript and other programs. That will allow for the site to be further protected.

It is your job to keep your website healthy. Your customers count on you to protect them, and preventing XXS attacks is a necessary step in offering that protection.

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